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Glowing Globe

Glowing Globe

There is something inherently exciting about globes. It’s not just the wonderfully strange names of far off places, but there’s also nothing quite like spinning a globe and then jabbing a finger at it, imagining that one day you’ll go there – unless of course you happen to hit Dagenham. Dream travelling aside, this beautifully detailed globe has a fabulous trick up its sleeve. When it gets dark, a light sensor transforms the globe from a map of the world to a magical and brightly illuminated map of the night sky. It shows 88 constellations all with their common names (far easier to remember), so not only is it fascinating and educational, it also makes a great nightlight. Beautiful by day and magical by night, the Glowing Globe is the neatest globe we’ve ever seen.

You can have this for £49.99 – Approx USD $89.98 / €73.99

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