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Go Green and Digital – Environment Friendly Data Centers?

If there’s one thing that a corporation has to do in order to get the attention it needs, especially to someone who deals with the marketing and advertising strategy of this said business, it’s to jump in the "green bandwagon". Almost every business out there claims that they’re "eco-friendly", a friend of Mother Earth, and that what they’re doing promotes clean and green living. Even for companies that deal with the advancement of the Digital Age are no exceptions. Data centers, for example, have not started to gear being eco-friendly and energy saving establishments, since it does attract certain clients who are very specific to fees that has something to do with energy consumption.

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Indeed, the environmental impact of most data centers is largely ignored in the past. It’s because no one hardly uses them. Information is easily stored in cabinets and tables. In fact, having one computer inside a big office space is already weird back in the 90’s. However, as technology and the Internet advances, more and more businesses have found it favourable to store their information inside computers. The bigger the company grows, the more important information needs storage, which is why data centers came to be. And right now, having a green data center is a plus amongst corporations.

What’s a green data center? It’s a term I coined after combining "clean and green" with data centers. In any case, data centers consume huge amounts of electricity for every operation. In fact, recent reports published by energy conservation bureaus have suggested that most of the data centres are accounted for consuming up to 3% of the total energy generated in the United States. Also, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory also did some research, stating that electricity consumption by data centres have increased to up to 23 billion kilowatt per hour in 2005. That’s a 2 fold increase in a span of 5 years. With electricity costs rising from time to time, companies find it cheaper to invest in a data centre that conserves energy.

If you’re planning on building a data centre as a business or are looking to outsource to one, consider the following:

1 Reviewing your Energy Consumption Strategy – If you don’t have an energy consumption strategy, then don’t be surprised to see your profits getting drained due to electricity payments per month. Check how your energy is sourced. Check the distribution channels and locate where the energy is used the most. These things will become the basis for your energy consumption strategy or plan.

2. Storage Visualization – Storage visualization is the term used for shutting down unused servers and taking advantage of the mobility of certain applications. In this way, it makes the information transfer less confusing and efficient. Whenever a data centre reduces the number of physical servers, the admin can increase the utilisation level of the current servers. Saves you electricity too!

3. Upgrading to an energy conserving technology – Choosing Energy Star-rated computers and appliances is the good way to go if you want to build an energy conserving data centre. Most IT consultants and CIO’s are currently all about energy conserving computers and gadgets, so if you don’t want to pay extra for all the energy costs and to increase your data centres reputation as a clean and green corporation, then now is the time to make this investment!

The costs of operating a data centre depends on how much power your equipment consumes. Therefore, if you cut off a bit of your electricity bills, you’ll have more profit and at the same time, you did Mother Earth a favor too!

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