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Google phone promises to be a revolutionary gadget

Google phone wants to offer a better mobile Web browsing experience than current products.

Google wants to fight with every one. The war with Microsoft isn’t enough for Google, now they want to fight with Apple iPod.

Google’s phone is quite revolutionary. It would draw its revenue from a different source, relying on commercial advertising dollars instead of the price like iPod.

What Google says about their phone:

“We’re partnering with carriers, manufacturers, and content providers around the world to bring Google search and Google applications to mobile users everywhere,” Google spokesman Michael Kirkland said.

“What our users and partners are telling us is that they want Google search and Google applications on mobile, and we are working hard every day to deliver that,” Kirkland said.

Google phone targets the teenagers and people who can’t afford to buy a phone

“The average adult who can afford a cell phone is not going to want to listen to ads. So this is mainly for teenagers, twenty-somethings, high schoolers or people who can’t afford a phone,” said Kagan.

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  1. I can’t wait to see that I never use my phone to browse the web it too much hassle

  2. Google or Apple, who has a better image in general anyways? I think Apple will always over ride Google for the “cool factor” with teens.

  3. I really don’t think Apple wins the “cool factor”. Most people I know don’t think of Apple as “cool”. Really the most mainstream “cool” thing Apple has is the iphone now. The ipod fad has really blown over and the iphone is just over hyped. Google hasn’t really come out with anything that would really appeal to teenagers yet (besides google video and now youtube). Generally though, people seem to like Google’s attitude towards their customers a whole lot more than Apple’s.

    Anyways, a new phone from Google directed at teenagers and other with a low income would be a big hit. Not only because it is cheap, but because it will be produced by Google and people will trust them. And when it comes to quality products, Google gets a 10/10.

  4. I am waiting google phone since last year.

  5. Well did not hear this until now. This is a surprise. Google is coming out with a phone? Wow!

    Lol , they wont stop at nothing. They just want to reach the top I guess. This phone wont topple the I-Phone for sure. Maybe the brand Google will help though.

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