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GOX Pure Oxygen In A Can

GOX Pure Oxygen In A Can

Go-X is 99,5% pure oxygen that will re-energise you when you are feeling low.Perfect For The Morning After The Night Before….It is quite easy to use. Simply swing in the trip lever and put the inhaler cup over mouth and nose. Then press the trip lever down for 1-2 sec. and inhale deeply at the same time. Inhale at least 5 times for each application. The contents are enough for aproxx. 40 inhalations.UsesBrain power can be increased by 40% Will lesson the effects of a hangover Alternative medicine

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  1. I have always thought the idea of pure oxygen was pretty cool. I know if you go the emergency room and appear to have any breathing problems thats what they hook you up to immediately. So, I can see where it would give a person a kind of rush or feeling of exuberance. My only concern would be is it possible to overdo it?

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