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I will show you in this post how to use a GPS tracker in an unusual way.

GPS tracking should not only be applied to the car fleets. You can put a mini GPS receiver in your car and this way you will know how to find you car if it is stolen.

So using a small GPS will give you the ability to know in every moment where your car is. There are hundreds of mini GPS available and the prices are affordable.

If you work in a small or big company it is smart to use a fleet tracking software. This kind of software will keep order in your fleet and it will help saving money.

The GPSs can be used in may ways including anti theft device, vehicle tracking, fleet tracking, gps tracking for teen drivers, and much more.

A good tracking software must:

  • acquire data from all the GPSs receivers
  • vehicle tracking for fleet management
  • calculate moving speed
  • displays the data in an easy-to-read format.

The best software will help you manage the fleet and calculate alternative routes when the roads are blocked. Also the software can choose the routes which requires the less fuel.

The GPS I like is Tracking Key by RMT.


The tracking key is a passive tracking device. This device will accurately evaluate travel activities with proof of exact date, time, speed, direction of travel and location, and stop duration. This system has a built-in antenna, and uses 2 AAA batteries.

Also this device is water resistant.

Tracking Key Features:

  • Battery Life is 4 Weeks
  • Built-in Motion Detector
  • Records 100 hours of movement
  • Unit pauses when not in motion
  • Adjustable Recording Rate
  • Shows All Travel Activity
  • Displays location, date, time, speed, and direction
  • Custom reports show locations driven and mileage between stops
  • Animated history shows the driving car along its route
  • Small, compact and reliable GPS unit

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  1. One interesting application of conventional hard wired GPS trackers used by the advertising industry, is to log the location of those auto wrap advertisements that some lucky folks get paid to put on their personal cars. Their paid to drive around and park at high traffic events.
    Unfortunately there’s a bunch of fraudulent guides and directories that make it sound like a common opportunity, when in truth these auto advertisement campaigns are a rarity.

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