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Great Gadgets for The Modern Employer

Want to improve workplace morale? Bring a little boost to your employee’s day? There is a way to do just that with relatively inexpensive and simple to start technologies. Investing in office gadgets for your employees can improve the workplace by showing employees that their health, contentment, and general well-being are important to you. Studies have shown that the more employees who feel their workplace has their best interest at heart, the more effective and productive their work will be. And what better way to do this than by adding a few simple gadgets to your work environment. Here are a few ideas for the next great gadgets that can make life at the office just a little better.

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Gadgets for Productivity and Health

Spending a lot of time at a desk is common while working in an office. Studies have indicated that sitting too long in one place can be detrimental to one’s health. The risks are real: heart disease, diabetes, and inflammation that can lead to blocked arteries. One way an employer can counteract this health hazard is by introducing the option of standing desks. Instead of having to take a break to get up and stretch your legs while “in the zone”, employees can opt for a standing desk. While sitting (or standing) at your desk, there are some great little gadgets that can help employees focus and feel more relaxed. Listening to music has shown to increase productivity and focus. Invest in some earbuds for your employees. Modern earbuds not only sync to both iOS and Android phones so employees can listen to their favorite music without interrupting coworkers, but they can also keep employees healthy. Many earbuds on the market track distance traveled and heartbeat, so employees can monitor their health while they work.

Gadgets for Organizing

There is no doubt that anything that helps keep employees organized will help them with their work. Desk organizers may seem ordinary, but modern desk organizers not only help organize post-it notes and pens but wires and phones. They take up little space and save employees time and energy. Modern desk organizers keep computer cables accessible, but out of the way from your phone or keyboard. Smartpens are another, slightly more expensive investment for employees. With smartpens, employees can capture and transfer handwritten notes into a digital document. They make it easier to take, store and share notes at work. You can also employ new smartphone apps with organization capabilities to make day at the office a little easier.

Gadgets for Other Work Environments

It’s not just the office environment that may need a little boost. If you are managing a company where employees spend a lot of time driving, like the trucking or shuttle industry, you may want to invest in Satellite TV for semi trucks. Watching television may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of employee productivity and health, but for people who drive for long periods of time, TV on the go may be just what is needed. Portable satellite antennas are on the market from places like EpicVue now and they are reliable and easy to set up. This will help your employee sustain those long hours on the road. And what about coffee? Whether your employees are driving long periods of time or at a desk, a hot beverage is often a necessity of any employee to get through the day. Try investing in a coffee mug warmer for the desk, or a heated stainless steel mug for the car. These neat gadgets just plug into an outlet or car charger, and your coffee stays nice and warm.

Gadgets help improve morale and can add a little fun to the workplace. Whether you are adding a simple pleasure like the assurance of a warm beverage or investing in the health and wellness of your employees, these great gadgets can do wonders for your workplace.

By Eileen O’Shanassy

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