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Griffin PowerJolt For iPhone

Griffin PowerJolt For iPhone

Keep your iPhone charged on the road.PowerJolt fits into any 12V accessory outlet or car lighter jack. A status LED lets you know your iPhone’s charge status, and PowerJolt’s replaceable fuse ensures your iPhone’s safety.PowerJolt for iPhone comes with a detachable, high quality 48″ USB to Dock Connector cable that can be used for normal syncing and docking operations with your computer. The PowerJolt package also includes a 48″ USB to mini-USB cable.Works in car cigarette lighter or 12V accessory socket Charge indicator changes color to show charging status at a glance Comes with detachable dock connector cable that can be used separately Includes USB mini-B cable for charging while in use with Griffin iTrip.

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  1. 48″ usb… wow

  2. im considering buying this stuff to charge my iphone, cause its battery sucks.

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