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Griffin PowerPod iPod Car Charger

Griffin PowerPod iPod Car Charger

The PowerPod auto adapter allows you to take your iPod on the road and listen to great music while keeping your iPod fully charged. The PowerPod charges your iPod whether it’s playing music or in standby mode, ensuring that you’ll arrive at your destination with a fully charged iPod.Lapel Mic also works with the Griffin iMic and PowerWave for stereo recording and is ideal for voice-recognition software such as iListen.The PowerPod comes with a charger module and a separate 4-foot, high quality Dock Connector to FireWire Cable. Use the included cable with dockable iPods, or the FireWire cable that was included with all original iPods to connect directly to the PowerPod charger module.The PowerPod is the ultimate accessory for any iPod toting road warrior!Made for: ? iPod nano? iPod mini? iPod Photo? 4th Generation iPod with Click Wheel? 3rd Generation iPod with touch wheel and buttons

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  1. I have a car charger for my iPod, and I never really use it. There are so many of these products out there, and I just wonder if people really need these. It’s not like having a cell phone charger in your car, where you could actually NEED it if you were in an emergency and your cell phone battery was dead.

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