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Groomsmen Gifts for Cigar Smokers

It can be difficult to find the right gifts for groomsmen. Nowadays, though, there are a lot more choices available to pick the perfect groomsmen gifts that cater to their tastes and hobbies. Online retailers make finding meaningful groomsmen gifts easy with their wide selections of items that appeal to all types. For the groomsman who enjoys a good cigar, there are a host of beautiful and functional accessories to make the cigar experience convenient and even more enjoyable.


Humidors for Travel

Cigars need humidors to keep them in optimal shape. A perfect groomsman gift for the cigar smoker is a travel humidor. These are storage options for anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle. It can be hard to take luxuries like cigars on trips, but travel humidors make it possible and take any hassle out of it. It’s nice to enjoy a good cigar where ever one goes. Giving one of these to a groomsman will elicit quite a bit of gratitude. For an extra touch, you can even personalize the humidor.

Cigar Lighter

Nothing’s more annoying than trying to light a cigar just to find you’re out of matches. Carrying around matches is rather cumbersome in the first place. Giving your groomsmen a lighter as a gift is a great way to take the old-fashioned hassle of matches out of the picture. It also takes away the annoying smell of burnt wood that comes with lighting and blowing out a match.

Lighters are sleek and have several cool designs that can correspond with the particular groomsman’s taste. They’re convenient and last a long time, making them a rather thoughtful gift as well.

Cigar Cutter

Another great groomsmen gift idea for the cigar lover is a stylish cigar cutter. In order to smoke a cigar, it’s got to be cut first. There are a lot of stylish options out there, so try to find one that will complement your groomsman’s style. For instance, if there is a travel version of a cigar cutter, that would be convenient. Regardless, having another cigar cutter will allow him to keep one in the car and another at home so he won’t forget to bring his cutter with him.

Personalized cigar cutters are a fun way to make the cigar cutter tailor-made to a particular friend. It can have his name or initials on the cutter with nice engraving, giving it quite a bit of flair.

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