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Gya Challenge Ball

Gya Challenge Ball

The brain boxes of astronomy, geology and palaeontology describe Gya to be “a unit of time denoting the length of time before the present”, which we imagine is quite hard to put your finger on, let alone get your head around. Surprisingly enough though, the Gya Challenge is not some arbitrary ‘cool’ name, but an apt description of this addictive and compelling game.

The Gya Challenge Ball is a meteorite-like black dodecahedron studded with red buttons that illuminate in line with the games. There are ten games stored in the ball, all centred on reaction, co-ordination and racing against time (aha, that geeky Gya theory again!). To get the games rolling simply press the reset button and a series of lights will illuminate, and you have to race to press them as they go on within a restricted time slot. Some of the games have sound effects that accompany the lights, which only helps to add a little mayhem to the challenge.

When you finish playing the first game, the next one launches automatically, the difficulty level increasing with each game – so the whole thing gets more and more frenetic as you progress through the series. The Gya Challenge Ball is fun and deeply addictive, and is a great way to tone up your reflexes to lightning speed.

You can have this for £19.95 – Approx USD $35.91 / €29.53

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