Hard drives of the future. 100 times faster using laser to write data

Current hard drives use magnets to write and read binary data. They are hitting a speed block and if computers are to become faster they will require a different and faster data transfer medium.


Researchers from Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands have used laser light to write data to a magnetic hard drive at very high speeds.

The researchers have managed to transfer almost 100 times faster than conventional magnetic transfers.

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  1. Lol in 10 years SSD would have totally replaced the classical HDD

  2. Technology right now is really fast. Whats latest this year will be phase out 9 months from now. I wouldnt wonder if technology tomorrow will be 100 times of what we have at the present.

  3. Yes ,I agree with u, hard drives write data in an unbelievable speed, this will really help in saving lot of time.

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