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Heat Your Home More Efficiently with the Radiator Booster

Eco gadgets are very popular because they protect the environment and the vast majority will help you save money also.

Heat a room faster and more efficiently with Radiator Booster and shave 10% off your yearly gas and electric bills.

Radiator Booster1

The Radiator Booster uses a simple fan system to ‘suck’ heat in from your radiator and circulate it 50% more efficiently around the room than domestic and commercial heating radiators alone.

How does Radiator Booster Work?

Like all the best gadgets, very simply. The discreet unit sits comfortably on the back of your radiator and draws power via the mains. A small fan draws in heat that’s usually lost into the wall and fires it into your room. Not only does this cut down on wasted energy, The Radiator Booster warms up a room 50% faster than a radiator alone, so your boiler can switch off sooner and your gas bills will come down.

Increased heating efficiency also eliminates cold spots that standard domestic and commercial heating radiators fail to reach, and just one unit is enough to work with even large radiators and cost less than 50p a year to run.RadiatorBoosterinaction

Radiator Booster Features:

  • Improve radiator heating efficiency by 50%
  • Reduce room warm up times by 50%
  • Turn your thermostat down 2 degrees (just 1 degree saves the average household £49 a year)
  • Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Discreet design

Radiator Booster cost £19.95.

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  1. This could be a great way to heat my apartment. Here in Chicago it gets extremely cold on the first floor of most older apartment buildings. This would be great if it actually worked. Too bad it’s a little late, it’s finally 60 here and Spring is steadily approaching! Regards!

  2. ” Heat Your Home More Efficiently with the Radiator Booster” This is nice .This is best for home .

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