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Hedgehog Excluder

Hedgehog Excluder

We wanted to call it the Road-Kill Draught Excluder, but unsurprisingly there were a few people against that idea, ho hum. Still, you can see why, because this string of little hedgehogs is ludicrously cute. When you need to shut out those chilly blasts and hibernate at home, these fuzzy critters will keep nippy draughts at bay (though everyone round here keeps nicking them just to sit on their desks). They have plush, squidgy bodies and bean filled bums, allowing them to sit firmly, blocking out the draughts. Extraordinarily endearing and arguably quite functional, the Hedgehog Draught Excluder is a seriously silly piece of fun – and a great house warming present

You can have this for £14.99 – Approx USD $26.98 / €22.19

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