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Hidden Spy Cameras. Know What Happens After You Leave

If you are curios what happens while you are out there are several spy gadgets which can help you.

I have blogged a few weeks ago about the izon and today I am going to show you another 2 cool spying tools.

#1. Hi-Res Baseball Cap Covert Hat DVR w/ 4GB Memory

Hi-Res Baseball Cap Covert Hat DVR

This camera allows you to spy while you are gone, but you can also use it to record things when you wear it.

"One Touch" record button — conveniently located under the brim — activates the camcorder for up to two full hours of recording on a single charge.

Recordings can be later downloaded via high speed USB 2.0 to your PC for viewing and storing. Charges via USB.

This video will show you how a spy camera can be used.

Spy camera hidden in a baseball cap

The only downside of this camera is the price. Right now it costs $129.99, however the spy second gadget I will share with you is a lot cheaper.

#2.Hi-Res Micro PI Spy CamStick Recorder

Hi-Res Micro PI Spy CamStick Recorder

This is a small spy device which can easily be hidden and carried with you.

he PI Spy CamStick is the smallest high resolution, real time digital camcorder ever produced. Easy to use "one touch record" button lets you discretely record any evidence instantly. For the most discrete application, the PI Spy CamStick can even fit into a standard pack of chewing gum.

The gadgets presented in this article can be purchase from Dynaspy.com.

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