High-Speed Internet

I do love my broad band internet connection. It offers hi speeds and it is great for uploading or downloading content and researching for new posts which for me means to have 5-20 tabs open.

I have to admit I’m an internet addict. When I go in vacation I almost cry because my wireless internet connection does not offer the speed I want.

Recently I’ve found the Charter Communications offer. They have hi speed internet , tv and phone deals. Because my parents want co change their provider due to many technical problems, I had a look.

The packs seem very interesting. For example the Charter Cable TV Packages features 8000+ Movies and Shows OnDemand. For my parents who watch TV a lot having 8000+ movies and shows to choose from is great.

I also liked the phone which has a cool feature: Anonymous Call Rejection. This is very good to avoid people who dial the wrong number and the ones who like to joke over the phone.

The Charter High-Speed Internet comes with up to 60Mbps which is more my parents need, but everyone likes a fast access to information. This pack also comes with Internet Security Suite which will protect your computer from viruses, trojans, popups and spyware. In plus you will have parental control over the internet.

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