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Hot Real Estate Apps

For the real estate agent on the go, the ability to have nearly infinite tools at their fingertips through a mobile device or iPad is an invaluable asset. With a little knowledge of which apps are the most useful, an agent can make their life a lot easier through letting the technology work for them. For this purpose, a list of must-have apps has been composed.



Although a commonly known app Skype is still the foremost suggested app for use in contacting other individuals. With the ability to call anyone, anywhere through a computer and a mobile device as well as having an easy to use conference call feature Skype is extremely useful in keeping in touch with clients. Skype also allows the sending of files during a call, something that a normal phone cannot do; which is very useful for sending clients documents while conversing. In a matter of seconds a sale could slip through your fingers, so live access is crucial at all times.

Dragon Dictation

Another useful app that only requires the voice of an agent is that of Dragon Dictation. This app provides varying voice recognition tools, allowing the real estate agent to communicate with clients via text or email in a hands-off manner. Serving as another piece in the automation of a real estate’s day to day work, Dragon Dictation can help to make each day easier as typing up contracts and information of the job can be done by the voice instead of the hand.


The DropBox app, which is primarily a storage app, is another free service that allows for easy transport of important files like blueprints, floor plans, and high resolution photos. After installing it on both a home computer and a mobile device, any files that have been saved to DropBox on the home tower are accessible through a synchronized mobile device. This is extremely useful as it allows an agent to essentially carry all paperwork and information of the job without having the items clog up space. This is best when used in tandem with the GoodReader app, the second suggested app on this list.


GoodReader is a super capable PDF reader for all Apple devices, and will read virtually every document file type currently in existence. As mentioned, this is super useful when used in tandem with DropBox and other storage apps, as it allows the real estate agent to not only carry around information and documents, but be able to actually view them on the spot with their prospective client. GoodReader is also known for what can be considered the most important feature, the ability to allow a client to sign off on a document or contract through the Apple touch screen. After a client has signed, the document can be re-saved to DropBox and forwarded to anyone that needs to view it.


Zillow Real Estate Rentals

When a real estate agent is in the field with their client and needs information on the spot about what is for sale locally, the Zillow app is there to serve. Providing a quick search method for local real estate with criteria for home value, type of home, if the home is for rent or sale, total price, and location, this app does it all. Using voice search combined with GPS to find where these potential homes are located, this app is a must have when an agent needs to show a clients their options.

There are a flood of apps on the market and it could get overwhelming, but these top 5 could link to more leads and help move things along more efficiently for the Real Estate professional to generate more sales. Bottom line.

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