How A GPS Tracker Could Help You

What is it and how does it work?

GPS tracking is a method of investigation and surveillance that allows you to monitor the whereabouts of a targeted vehicle. GPS works when a small tracking device is attached discreetly to the underneath of the vehicle that you wish to have monitored and can follow the destination, speeds and travel routes of an individual vehicle. It does this by using satellite technology to gather information, similar to that of satnav communications, which is then directed to a monitor via the internet to a website. Though the service is unmanned, this adds to its discretion and the footage that is gathered is monitored throughout by a selected and experienced operative.

GPS Tracker

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Suspicious Spouse

Unfortunately, infidelity is one of the main accusations or suspicions that a private detective is asked to investigate. Whether it is a near to home or exotic location they are travelling to meet the individual your partner or spouse is seeing, a tracker can show you where their car is going. Once a tracking device has been attached to their vehicle, we can show you where they are travelling and when and any locations where they stop and how long they remain there for. GPS tracking is often a good starting point for a case and can reveal a lot about the actions and schedule of an individual.

Safe Delivery

There are always times when we wish we could have a clone or a second pair of eyes to help us in daily life. All too often, whether in a personal or professional capacity, we are required to send important documents, materials or packages that we would much rather send ourselves. If you have an important or precious item that you need transported, a tracker can be attached to the vehicle delivering your package and make sure that it arrives safely and on time. By monitoring the location and route of the delivery vehicle and personnel, we are able to give you a live commentary of its progress on the route so you can rest assured.

Company Complaints

It is not only in our personal lives that we can sometimes need to find out more about select individuals and their behaviour. Everyone recognises the benefit of company vehicles to a business and its employees but equally recognise the level of trust and responsibility that accompanies such a scheme. When people start to abuse trust they put themselves and others in danger and cost their employer money. If you suspect an employee of misusing company vehicles or lying about mileage claims, a private detective could clear up the details with solid evidence of what they really get up to.

Safety First

It is understandable how important your children are to you and a detective will want to make sure that they are kept safe and that includes when they have to go away from you. Whether it is to see relatives or another parent, for a holiday or school, parting from your children is never easy irrelevant of the destination so detective will want to be able to put your mind at rest for at one aspect of the difficult parting. Trusting another driver with your children is difficult and you want to be sure that they are safe and this is where GPS can help. By monitoring the whereabouts of the vehicle they are travelling in a tracker can give you a live update so that you can be assured that they have arrived at their destination safely

Charlie Hodgson is a private investigator who has worked with many other private detectives carrying out investigations such as surveillance using GPS tracking devices with great success. For more about GPS trackers and more private detective articles contact

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