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How Has Mobile Technology Changed Your Life?

Mobile phone technology has changed so much in the last few years. Many of us in our 30’s and up are old enough to remember when mobile phones were simply used as a device that made it more convenient to not miss a phone call when away from our landlines at home. The average person didn’t have the words, “mobile app development,” as part of their regular vocabulary yet. Mobile phones were just a lightweight device with nothing but a push button keypad. The screen was tiny and the type was reminiscent of the original Atari games and the first Apple computers. Fast forward to 2013 and you will find that the type of cell phone you have is now a status symbol. Most cell phone providers still sell those old phones with the dinosaur type and key pad. However if you are seen with one, it means you’re too poor to pay for a “good phone” or you’re simply behind the times. Either one isn’t a good look.

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Cell phones: A big waste of time?

Cell phones quickly turned from being a device for checking voicemails and making short phone calls to ask for directions while on the road to being yet another time wasting device. Cell phone developers added popular retro games like Tetris and Pong to its list of accessories. You may remember seeing people on the bus or train on their way to work engrossed in a game, staring at the screen like a zombie using the same finger motions on their keypad over and over again. If your phone was high-end, it may have even come with a calendar and maybe a really low quality camera that took pictures which came out so fuzzy, people questioned the purpose of having a phone with a camera in the first place.

When is a phone no longer a phone?

When mobile internet was introduced, it gave us a whole new way of looking at how we consumed information. Many still had those old cell phones and just added internet function, which led them to think mobile internet was just a pain. It seemed to be just using a keypad to maneuver around the internet on a tiny screen that resembled nothing like we were used to on a desktop computer. It wasn’t until the smartphone was introduced did mobile internet become a viable tool.

Smartphones had a larger screen with touch capability — a futuristic feature straight out of the Jetsons cartoon (come on, who doesn’t remember Jane Jetson “cooking dinner” by touching a few buttons on a screen!). With smartphones, people were able to not only make a phone call, but check their banking balance, listen to music, and keep up with their social media accounts. The colors were much more crisp, the maneuverability became better over time, and cell phone makers became more interested in helping people get more utility out of their investment.

Mobile app development has quite literally changed the way we do business, the way we learn, the way we make and consume media. These apps actually add value to our daily lives. We no longer need to wear a watch, carry an mp3 player, or even wait to get to a TV before catching up with our favorite show. People who love to cook no longer have to print out recipes from the internet to get what they need; all they to do is download an app and they can get access to vegetarian, paleo, raw, gluten-free, or whatever type of recipes they’re interested in. And we can do all that from one device.

By Joyceln Grand, a self proclaimed tech enthusiast and part time guest blogger.

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