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How i-mode Technology works

What is i-mode

i-Mode (the I stands for information) is a wireless technology developed by the Japanese company NTT DoCoMo that enables users to access Internet services via their cellular phones. i-Mode is based on packet data transmission technology.

With this tech users pay for data transfer and premium content.


i-mode Technology uses of packet transmissions offers continuous access, while the use of a subset of HTML makes content creation easy and provides simple conversion of existing sites.

How i-mode works

i-mode works basically the same as any typical software HTML browser (Netscape Navigator, for example), allowing users to access thousands of i-Mode–enabled web sites via a WWW address, simply by pushing the cell phone’s dedicated “i-Mode” button.

i-mode websites are created with iHTML(subset of standard HTML). The conversion HTML to iHTML is very fast because there are only small changes necessary.

You can use this technology to send e-mail, surf the Internet, check the latest news, play games, shop, book airplane tickets, and so much more, all with your i-mode mobile phone.

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