How Motionflow 200Hz works

Motionflow technology developed by Sony means intelligently adding new frames to get a crystal clear image and cut out blur effects. The Motionflow multiply the number of frames you see on screen; the new frames are inserted into fast-moving sequences providing a more sharper images.

Motionflow 200Hz

Based on information it gets from the before and after frames in every sequence, Motionflow predicts motion in all directions and cleverly creates brand new pictures based on this information.

Motionflow 200Hz means 200 frames per second – quadruple the standard frame rate.

Motionflow can get you addicted: I’m not a football (soccer) fan I prefer reading a book or browsing online instead of watching a game, but a plasma with Motionflow activated kept me in front of it almost 20 minutes and it showed the same sequences (Kaka actions and goals).

For the average Joe the Motionflow technology is a new way to enjoy TV,sports, video games and films. The images are clearer and more exciting than ever.

Here is a film about how Motionflow works (I have found it on youtube, you’ll find the one I made below)

I have inserted the film I’ve made during the Sony BRAVIA-drome Press Event 2008 below to see the differences between Motionflow and no Motionflow. On my camera the difference was very visible: in the left side(Motionflow on) the images were clearer and it had no blur. Downloading the film form my camera and uploading it on Youtube I don’t know if you will be able to see the difference, but belive me it is a huge difference between Motionflow 200Hz and a plasma without this technology.

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  1. wait. 200hz? i thought the max right now was 120hz??? crazy!!!

  2. Absolutely cool 🙂 I also loved the video lol 🙂

  3. Is it really 200hz?? We have the 120hz. but the 200hz is amazing..

  4. The motionflow is made by the company of Sony and there is a guarantee that it is very convenient to use because it is equipped with high technology.

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