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How Organisations Can Use Digital Engagement For Better Communications?

Digital engagement is a term more associated to the public sector and corporate companies. The main focus of digital engagement is to bring organisations closer to their target audience through the many online communication channels that include email, web, social and mobile. Where inbound marketing focuses on improving an online web presence and performance through various channels such as SEO, content marketing, blogging, social and conversion rate optimisation, digital engagement is about driving conversations online. There may be many call to actions that are sparked from online conversations and organisations can use digital engagement to maximise the effectiveness of their online communications. Where an organisation is looking for their audience to fill in a survey, answer some questions in a poll or simply leave a comment on their Facebook page, each call to action is aimed at driving engagement.


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Effective digital engagement will make connections across various digital marketing channels to achieve better results. Digital engagement agencies will be more common in the future as more public service sector organisations realise that online communication platforms such as social media are now the most effective means of communicating with their audience. Health related issues in the UK have been in the headlines of late with obesity in particular being a major problem. Unfortunately traditional advertising channels such as Television and the newspapers are not used by children in particular who are tomorrow’s health problems. As a result more public service organisations are realising that digital engagement platforms such as social media can be much more effective in driving home healthcare messages.

Digital engagement strategies combine conversations, communications and content to have the highest impact on engagement. Digital engagement platform include blogs, forums and social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Flickr. Digital engagement also focuses on getting people to leave feedback using simple digital tools.

A digital engagement agency will run a campaign using various digital tools and techniques. Working alongside public service organisations, digital engagement helps target an audience, listen to what they have to say and engage with the community around a particular issue. In particular, social media communities can be great platforms for driving digital engagement around particular topics. Digital engagement Agencies can work with organisations to lead conversations, obtain feedback and and get people to take action.

Digital engagement can also drive customer service and more brands and organisations are using platforms such as social media to handle customer enquiries such as answering customers, handling enquiries and providing answers. Internally digital engagement can help with internal communications by encouraging other departments and colleagues to share knowledge and messages internally.

The major brands are already using digital engagement as a primary tool for communication with their target audience. The public sector such as healthcare and government departments are beginning to realise that digital engagement is essential to communicating messages with the public right now and in the future.

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