How The IPad Is Changing Retail

The iPad has really created a significant shift in the world of retail. Once seen as more-so an entertainment device – the iPad has grown into something that has almost been impossible not to have for business.


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The device’s hundreds of thousands of apps, amazingly compact size and the fact it’s increasingly powerful; mean it really and truly is changing retail – so, let’s look at five ways it’s doing so.

Tablet Kiosks

Once upon a time kiosks were giant tumultuous beasts that sat fixed in the corner of libraries or tourist offices and took up large footprints. These devices cost thousands and weren’t extremely versatile. The introduction of the tablet kiosk means that users simply utilise a stand and iPad mixture to create an information point that’s low in price, extremely flexible and also intuitive and simple to use. These kiosks are easy to develop for and are used in any manner of ways you can think of in a retail environment.

In-store Assistants/ Waiters

The low cost price of the tablet has meant that they are now an in store reality for all sorts of retail. These systems are able to do everything from check stock, to provide information, to take orders and can do so faster and cheaper than any specialised inventory system. They’re also less clunky, more aesthetically attractive and because most people use tablets or smart phones much more intuitive for staff.

Point of Sale

The iPad is the perfect piece of point of sale hardware and can be utilised brilliantly as a solution in this area. These devices can be used for inventory checks, added to with a variety of barcode readers, chip and pin devices and all sorts of other additions to turn them into the sort of point of sale hardware that would have cost thousands only a few years ago. Once more, it’s just another example of how the iPad is shaping the future of retail.


IPads also make fantastic display items and can easily offer information on upcoming sales, information and even are a great marketing tool. Using iPads in-store to offer information, provide a place for data input for customers for competitions and marketing research and a whole host of other areas, means that the device pays back its cost quickly and numerous times over.

The deep media powers of an iPad mean that it is the perfect device for sucking consumers in. Think about it, iPad links to everything from social media, to the web, to video and anything else you can think of. It’s a great way of saturating a customer in a positive experience and it’s no wonder they’re increasingly popular in stores.

The intuitive and every day operating system and input mean people are more than happy to use them and overall they make a fantastic in-store marketing device.

The iPad is the ultimate retail device and offer so much more than most people can perceive in a retail environment.

Warren Ryan is a lover of gadgets and retail and has worked in the area mixing the two for a number of years.

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