How To Add Cool Effects To Your Photos With Photography Editing Software

I have always been into making creative stuff. I even bring in my creative juices when I have photo shoots and print out photos for my clients. One of my favorite past times is do photo editing and to add cool effects to my own photos and even for my clients as well. It turned out to be a good hobby of mine. Now, I am starting to do it every single day when I have free time.

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If you want to know how to edit picture, especially to try out adding cool effects for your photos, you need to use a good photography editing software and follow these three simple steps:

1. Get familiarized with your photography editing software.

Before you can even add some cool effects to a photo you need to be familiar with the software first. All photography editing software have their own set of menus, features, add-ons, etc. More or less navigating the software will be the same to other software.
Navigate the menus, play around with the features and spend more hours on the special effects section. This is where you are going to spend more time especially if you are going to add cool effects on a photo most of the time.

2. Try out every single effect available on the software and do a preview.

Here is the thing; you will never know how a particular special effect has on a photo if you will not try it. It is highly recommended that you try out every single effect found on the photo editing software on one photo.  This is to give you an idea as to how the photo looks like after the special effect.

When you have chosen the special effect, do click preview. It is a must that you do see how it looks like on the screen. At least, you will have an idea if a photo will have a 3D grid effect it will look something like this, or if you apply the emboss effect the photo will be like this, etc.
The common special effects are blur, distort and emboss. However, you can try on other special effects like the 3D grid, old photo, magic mirror and a lot more.

3. Go for the effect which you do like and click save.

Now that you already have tried every single special effect found on your editing software, the next thing you are going to do is to pick which one hit you the most. Go for that one special effect that makes the photo look the way you have imagined it to be or make you in awe when you look at it.

After you have decided which special effect to go for, you can now hit save. You can decide later whether to upload it online or print it for personal consumption.

Basically, adding cool effects to a photo is so easy you will be having so much fun doing it. It is highly recommend using a photo editing software that has all the basic features and loads of cool effects in it. Why? This will make you get special effects that are not common and for sure everybody will be asking, "how you did that?"

Play around with special effects and for sure you will be spending hours doing the same for other photos. You can have funny pictures, get a more dramatic look or perhaps add more spice for a boring looking photo. All these are possible when you do have a pretty good photography editing software in your computer.

I even add cool effects to my own photos; I upload them online and get lots of comments from my friends. However, for my clients I do give them options if they want to add some special effects on their photo and have it printed for free. Most often, they say yes! It’s my way of saying thank you to them for hiring me as their photographer. It’s a good way of building relationship with my clients.

Annabel Lee has been adding cool effects on her personal and clients’ photos for months now. Practicing how to edit picture to make them look beautiful is her favorite past time with the use of photography editing software.

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