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How to build a helicopter from old cars and motorbikes parts

Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi, 24 years old physics undergraduate transformed broken cars and motorbikes parts into a ready to fly helicopter.

The helicopter was build from a second-hand 133 horsepower Honda Civic car engine and with four-seat from an old Toyota.


The helicopter dimensions are 12 m (39 ft) long, 5 m wide and 7 m high.

Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi has no formal training in flying and his helicopter has never flown higher than 7 feet of the ground.

In the near future Mubarakc want to build a better helicopter which will be able to make 3 hour flights.

For now Nigeria’s Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) didn’t show any interest for the home made helicopter.

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  1. Nice one, if we would use hummer engine that we would need more gas 🙂

  2. Would you really want to fly in a helicopter made from spare parts?

  3. i am a mecanique man .i would like to build a helicopter .please send me back the informations needed to build it.best regards.

  4. canada411 says:

    build this with ford mustang, corvette or lamborgini diablo engine

  5. Hi ,i am an engineer…..and i am trying to build a helicopter with a motorbike…can you please tell me more about your helicopter.

  6. prashanth says:

    even i would like to build a helicopter pls send me how to make it suceesfull one

  7. Hi, its me sushil.I’m crazy about making helicopters.can you please tell me how to make a helicopter from an old honda moterbike.

  8. dimuthu says:

    hi friend,
    you are grate,

    I am an engineering student having crazy for makeing a helecopter.
    tell me more about your helecopter.


    Dear, Mubarak Muhammad Abdullah,take my salam.yes i appreciate you for build up helicopter by rejected spare motor parts. would you please inform me how is possible to build up it? pls visit bangladesh and comunicate us. we must help you.best wishes.

  10. dear mohammed, to tell the fact, i am very proud of you you did your best. i wish you better luck next time.
    this may sound crazy, but pardon……….can you email me the detail plan of your helicopter or better still a rough sketch if possible. i did like to build one.

  11. hell fire says:

    how much would you sale it let me know i’ll make you an offer

  12. overlordson3 says:

    Mubarak, I really want to build a helicopter, please send me your instructions!!!

  13. good job,im falaye michael im nigerian im working on a jet planecan u help???

  14. you want to fly in a helicopter made from spare parts??

  15. satish dwivedi says:

    i want to make a robotics helicopter then please tell me path to make a helicopter.

  16. rahul chouhan says:

    dear mohammed, to tell the fact, i am very proud of you you did your best. i wish you better luck next time.
    this may sound crazy, but pardon……….can you email me the detail plan of your helicopter or better still a rough sketch if possible. i did like to build one.

  17. rahul chouhan says:

    hi Muhammad Abdullahi,
    i am student . i am crezy know about . please tell the fact .i realy want know . you are great

  18. hii am a mba student … i have lot much intrest to innovations plz help me to how toadjust the fan of heli ..
    how leaf motion is possible

  19. how to build bike helli

  20. hi.. me is an student of b.tech intrested to kno how to build a helicopter from motorbike engine…
    plzz send me the concept and approx dimension of wings and copter and approx weight
    and necessary details

  21. rod wakelam says:

    I am thinking of challenging local secondary schools to scratch build a ‘lifting’ helicopter (as in skycrane type) and for them to fly it over a small course involving lifting small weights. Does anyone have experience of this please?

  22. mohammad alamgeer says:

    abdullai allah hoakbar good very good plz send me detail about this copter thanks.

  23. how i make helicopter please send the content that

  24. What a load of rubbish! I have been designing, building and flying large scale radio control helicopters for over 15 years, including flying real Robinson’s R22!

    The thing shown in the picture has never flown or will it ever fly unless its thrown over a cliff! All you need to do is pay carefull attention to the picture detail to see this.

    Some people believe anything they read, its so sad.

  25. S.Srirenganathan says:

    hi, i am an engineering student. i am trying to make a helicopter using the bike engine,so will you please send me more details about your helicopter.


  26. Dear Mohamed,
    I’m planning to build a home made Ultralight Helicopter, which will cost around $6000 USDA, will you please send me the plan you used to build your helicopter from scratch, I’ll send you the Blue Print of my Ultralight Helicopter.
    Thank you so much and don’t give up.
    Here is my email address: kamellemak@yahoo.ca
    I’m not an engineer and I found the way to do my project, it takes lots of passion,everything is possible

  27. hi there im an aeronautical engineer for my prject i’d like to make a helicopter out of spare parts of a car could i be sent some information regarding it

  28. sir,iwant to make this ,,,,please send me thenecessary information about this project…

  29. man thats great ,can u please send me the specifications of ur chopper

  30. SREEKANTH.A.K says:

    You have done a great job Mr.Md Abdul

    Here I am Sreekanth and i want to know how you made helicopter from car & motor bike parts so if u can send please send the details how to make it.


  31. Parminder Dhillon says:

    Hello there, plz can you send me the details how to make an helicopter, I can’t express how i am looking forward to make it by my hands. Kindly reply me…

  32. islahuddin says:

    My name is islahuddin. I am very much interested in making helicopter my self through my limited resources for personal satisfaction.
    I want to know how its functions , what kind to motor required for it and how can we fly it from the earth. please send me details.
    thank you.

  33. faruq shuaib says:

    I have had da courage 2 build a plane man u make me wana 2 make one 4 build one though I do pursue art

  34. dasadiya chirag .p. says:

    nw i m in mechatronics…. plz help me….

  35. howie mcclure says:

    send me more pics and detail plans on helicoppters thank you

  36. It seem so much intrestin to do that kind of thing and i want to do that with a motorbike engine and what can be possible. so send me some information that would help me to build that thing to make me fly.

  37. my bro wants to build this but hes retarded whats your advice??

  38. Its IMRAN

    dear mohammed, to tell the fact, i am very proud of you you did your best. i wish you better luck next time.
    this may sound crazy, but pardon……….can you email me the detail plan of your helicopter or better still a rough sketch if possible. i did like to build one.

  39. salamo alykom MUHAMMAD ,u r great ,iam an engineer ,would u please send me the information about building the helicopter,its my dream ,
    thx alot and god protect u ..

  40. Hi friend it was a fantastic job

    I’m also crazy about making helicopters so plz giv me a detailed description about it

  41. Abdul Mostaffa Yella Tera says:

    Hi Mohammed Habiby,
    Im like it helicopter machine faster one,very good this one for you for me for every boldy man,how very much to build this big kaka?.
    You big man you make it for big problem with V8 mate from Holden Kingswood very faster engine mate,rotor propella make from stinky Popadum condom and rats kaka , tank you verrrry much you big man you !

  42. Abdul Mostaffa Yella Tera says:

    This Abdul the Mustaffa again.
    Yor helicraptor is very good. But pieces of wood for the rotor blades makes good picture but not fly mate. Did you get the wood from the trees behind you? You say your helicopter is 7 m high so where is the rest of it? Did you cut it off !
    I also built helicopter out of egg cartons, and I flew across Australia, but had V8 holden Kingswood engine not kaka honda engine so muchly power.
    Also lots of chickens chased me. I send you plans of my helicopter, it is also 7 m high, and I used a boomerang for the tail rotor, but made it fly around in circles, very hard to fly in straight line.

  43. I’m dying to build to real helicopter,there will be a big market in China
    If anybody here is interested in helicopter,please contact me


  44. does it really fly??

  45. its a great thing can u please help me out how to do that

  46. hellooo i am monu i want make the helicopter plz send me imfomeshan

  47. hi…………., sir i am realy impressedfor you pls tell me how to bild halicopter for bike part

  48. hy,i am a engineering student and want to make a helicopter.could u tell me some thing important about this.as like chief material for this project,and basic design.

  49. mr anilkushwah says:

    hi sir i am anil kushwah i am leave at bhopai and i am 9 th class student i trust your product even i would like to build a helicopter pls send me how to make it suceesfull one on my id and my id is (anilkushwah53@yahoo.in)

  50. hai this is satya

    Its a nice one and inspires me a lot,can u plese send the plan details for the same?

  51. somanath behera says:

    i am proud of you. i want to make a light weight helicopter for single person. i will come to you and contact if you permit me.

  52. mubarak,i really like dis ur creativtes am proud of who we are 4 we nigerian,God has blessed us in many ways.i am by name recard i also have a crew like we are blessed too in the world of creativte only dat my crew is n’t dat effective as urs.it has be long dat we have been searching 4 some one like u 2 help in sharing idear wit us.pls call me on 08099753158 or 08068596443 in 2 join hands 2gether and promote world of physics,thank u 4 reading and acting upon my idears brother

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