How to Fix a Warped DVD Disc?

In our daily life, sometimes you would like to enjoy DVD movies during your leisure time. However, when you insert the DVD disc, it just doesn’t play. Then you spend your time finding out what’s wrong. No scratches are on the disc and the DVD drive is just fine. Then you should check carefully to see whether the DVD disc is slightly bent or not. If it is so, what should you do? Apparently nobody wants to waste extra money to buy another one. Don’t be upset. Here is an easy solution for you to make your warped DVD come bake to life.


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Before we save the warped DVD, we need prepare a few things: a steam iron, thin cotton cloth, a piece of glass (Both its length and width are 20mm or more) and a bottle of water.

Below is the step by step tutorial for you to fix the warped DVD disc:

Step1. Completely soak the cotton cloth in the water.

Step2. Wrap up the DVD disc with a layer of the wet cotton cloth. Pay attention that there shouldn’t be any wrinkles of the wet cotton cloth.

Step3. Put the wrapped cotton on the glass platform. There should not exist any tilt of the glass platform.

Step4. Turn the steam iron on and set the temperature gauge to the setting appropriate for the cotton cloth. Then wait until the iron heats up.

Step5. Use the already heated steam iron to start iron the already wrapped bent DVD disc over and over again. Remember that you should always keep the iron moving, and never let it stay still, or you will get DVD disc burned.

Note: It is depend on how warped the disc is to decide how many times you should iron the DVD disc.

Step6. After finishing ironing, you take off the cotton cloth and wait the DVD disc to dry. Then you will get an intact DVD disc.

Generally speaking, you must be very careful in the whole process if you want to get a satisfactory result.

This iron method is really practical for you to fix the warped DVDs. You can give it a shot.

About the author: Lacey Young is the editor of DRM-Assistant that provides readers with easy solution to rip and convert DVD movies. If you are afraid of losing your favorite DVD files and want to back up them, you can give DVD ripping software a shot.

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