How To Promote Your Newly Launched Mobile App

App promotion is a multifaceted endeavor that will require much of your time and energy. And rightly so, considering that if it is done well, your app can gains loads of new users that wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. But with all the different promotional techniques available, there may be some that didn’t make it to your marketing team’s inboxes. Here are some to consider adding to your strategy.


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Create a website

Before your app launches, your accompanying website should be up and running. The purpose of your site is twofold; it will offer some practical information about your app (including updates), and it is a gateway for users to sign up for email newsletters. For website inspiration, head on over to Awwwards’ list of their favorite app microsites.

Hire a professional

Don’t limit the kinds of promotions you do simply because of a lack of skills and/or resources. Need more time? Consider hiring extra staff to delegate tasks to. Need more skills? Seek out a specialist to join your team. Finding these professionals is the easy part—just head over to job boards like Gumtree to find scores of promising applicants in less than an hour!

Implement a video marketing campaign

Create a series of short videos that takes your marketing beyond the practical selling points. Use personal narratives and real people to make your message/product more relatable. Try to keep your videos concise, though, as your viewership will fall if a video is too long or too off-topic.

Find some press coverage

There are a few ways you can go about pitching your app to the press. Consider reaching out to brand influencers that curate relevant blogs and YouTube channels to get your app mentioned. If you don’t already have some influencers in mind, there are plenty of sites like InstaBrand that can help you locate influencers whose audiences would respond well to your app. You can also look into review websites for promotion similar to what a brand influencer might provide. Lastly, be sure to have your press kit ready to go, including press releases to distribute to a pre-planned list of publications.

Go social

Take your promotional materials to where the people are: social media. Share your content across platforms and encourage your followers to share it with their social circles, too. Social media will likely be one of the biggest components to draw users from, so be sure to promote your app regularly on all fronts.

Brag a little

One of the best ways to earn bragging rights is to earn some awards to back them up. Enter your app into competitions to start earning some blue ribbons, and as a result, extra press coverage and valuable third party influence.

Work it into the details

No promotional tactic is too small, especially when it requires relatively little effort to realize. For example, add your app and/or app’s website to your email signature, mention it in your phone’s voicemail, or simply mention it in conversation any chance you get.

With all the different ways you can promote your app out there, you’ll also want to keep track of which methods are working and which ones aren’t worth the effort. Some help from Google Analytics can go a long way in helping you determine your promotional stats, so set that up before anything goes live. Then check it regularly during the campaign. You’ll learn a lot about your user demographics, ideal promotional schedules, and more.

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