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How To Use Finance Apps To Manage Your Money

It’s safe to say that almost everyone nowadays has a cell phone and the percentage of people who have smartphones is increasing each and every quarter. Most smartphone owners use apps on a regular basis on everything from coupons to local restaurants, to find service providers and so on.

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However apps exist in every imaginable category and one such category that is growing leaps and bounds is finance. Specifically personal finance. Apps that help you save money, invest money, make more or simply manage your money better. With that in mind, we decided to look at how to use finance apps to manage your money – all with the swipe of your hand. Let’s take a look.

1. Organize Your Finances –

One of the best things about finance apps is that they allow you to organize your money in a way that is quick, painless and convenient. Whether you’re commuting to and from work or sitting in a doctors office waiting for your appointment; with apps you can do so much in so little time and with ease. Take for example, an app like (Mint.com) that allows you to enter in your personal banking details and manage most if not all of your banking needs from your handy dandy cell phone. You can move money around, save more, invest or simply keep an eye on it. Over time the creators of these finance apps have made them more and more sophisticated adding additional features that just a few short years ago didn’t exist. Making them invaluable tools in your personal finance arsenal.

2. Keep Track Of –

Another highly coveted feature of finance apps is the ability to keep track of your money, to the tee. Some people like to know exactly where the money is going each and every month, a tally of sorts – if you will. There are apps just for this purpose, apps like Outright.com and others. You need to enter in personal details, however these tools have heavy security features built in which make handing over this information more of a no brainer.

3. Manage Better –

When you’re able to organize and keep track of your money on the go at all times anywhere, generally speaking you’re now able as a whole to manage it better. Yes! you do. With all of the various tools and apps available to us now, it’s become a breeze to deposit money, send or even invest. Making it ever more a seamless experience between accounts, tools and devices.

I know personally I have become a savvier money manager and personal finance enthusiast due to the various high tech toys available to me, that make managing my money easier, faster and more convenient. You too can become a savvy money manager by enlisting the free and generous help of the latest tech and apps. Find your favorite finance apps today and laugh all the way to the bank.

Missy is an avid finance web content provider who blogs at UniversalLifeInsurance.org during the day – and at night she loves to bike, hike, jog, walk and run.

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