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How Video Game Inspired Gear and Gadgets

There is no doubt that video games have a large influence on our society. There are millions of dollars that are spent in games, consoles, and accessories every single year. Even our cell phones have become a hub for the gaming world. This is why no matter what store that you walk into you will be able to find something that has been inspired by one of our favorite video games.

The Mario Coin Light

Do you remember how you had to track down that one coin box that you could keep hitting repeatedly in order to collect extra coins? Now you can bring that fun home with you with a hanging lamp. The on/off switch is in the bottom of the light, so you simply push the bottom in order to turn it on or off.


Old School Nintendo Console

Do you wish that you had held on to your old school Nintendo gaming console? Now you can get it all back and without having to pay the high prices associated with the ones that are sold on EBay. You can simply convert your iPhone into your new Nintendo console. All you have to do is plug in your phone and you will be well on your way to taking down Bowser and his crew of evil turtles.

There are two different styles. You can plug your phone into an old school remote.


You also have the option of making your iPhone an old school remote.


Gameboy Watch

Do you miss holding that green screen machine known as the Gameboy in your hand? It was one of the first mobile gaming devices, and while it is long gone popularity wise it is anything but forgotten. You can still enjoy looking into the face of it but it is to find the time instead of throwing yourself into a serious game of Tetris.


Pac-Man Bottle Opener

You may miss the trusty old Pac-Man that you knew so well from your teen years, but just because you have gotten a little older does not mean you still cannot enjoy him. Instead of heading to the arcade to wrap yourself into taking out all of the ghosts, just head to your kitchen and get the assistance of Pac-Man to crack open your favorite beer.



It is true that it is not that often that you see a full arcade full of your favorite games such as Donkey Kong, Frogger, Pac-Man, and Mortal Kombat, but now you can create that arcade in your home using your iPad. The iCade is a cabinet full with the arcade remotes that you can slide your iPad into in order to have it function as both the computer and screen.


Gadgets are really just one section of the video game inspired memorabilia. There is clothing, accessories, and all kinds of other items that are also available. You most likely could decorate your house from top to bottom in items that are specifically from one of your favorite popular video games.

Angry Birds is a great example. While there are not a lot of gadgets that are available for the Angry Birds theme right now there are Pajamas, Toothbrushes, Towels, Pillows, Stuffed Animals, and Clothing that you can pick up at almost any department store. There are even patterns online that are available in order to assist you with building your favorite craft. It goes without saying that video games have a heavy presence in on life, and it reflects in our gadgets, our clothing, and even in our homes.

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