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I Light Speaker

I Light Speaker

The I-Lit is the lava lamp of speakers; retro, relaxing and colourful with just a hint of kitsch. Standing tall and proud with sexy curves, the I-Lit has two high quality speakers, one on its base and one on its head. Plug the included cable into the headphone jack of your MP3/CD player and watch as the I-lit pulses up and down its length in warm, relaxing colours to the beat of your music. You can adjust the volume and light/sound sensitivity. The slightly iridescent body of the I-Lit gives a lovely sheen too. Weighing in at about half a dozen eggs, and much less likely to scramble, the I-Lit makes for a great little sound and light system for your tunes.

You can have this for £24.95 – Approx USD $44.91 / €36.93

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