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iKazoo review

iKazoo, the latest product of OGACO Gadgets is a new game controller. This tiny flute like looking gadget is loaded with most incredible and entertaining features which will attract consumers from all age groups.


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Before getting into the substance of the iKazoo’s review, it’s worth pointing out that iKazoo is most creative and innovative product ever created. iKazoo being a next generation device in a true sense is expected to prove itself as a giant leap in the evolution of gadget world.

iKazoo will eliminate the requisite of keeping different gadgets for gaming, music, remote controlling your devices and so many more.

Explore Your Own World of Music.

For music and singing lovers, iKazoo has an inbuilt microphone with which you can record and alter your voice and can also enjoy the inbuilt karaoke feature. It has inbuilt Electronic Flute and Breath Synthesizer. Sequencer, Auto Looper, Effect Controller, Guitar, Sound Pick-Up and many more features which makes it your own music station in your pocket. It supports midi, OSC and audio-bus.

Enjoy Gaming at its best.

For those who worship gaming, iKazoo has inbuilt Aurdino gaming platform which supports features like Crazy Motion Controller enabling you play your favorite games like 3D Air Joy Stick, Mystic Finger Balance Board, Casino Spin Controller, Racket, Paddle, Sword or Golf-Club Simulator, RC Controller, Robot Controller and the list goes on. With its isometer reflectors, you can explore the most secret areas of your brain too.

iWorkout with iKazoo.

iKazoo will turn your work out time into fun. iKazoo’s sensors monitor all your movements. Utilize it as a step counter to test the impact on your joints or even compose music while jogging. It is also loaded with Workout Timer, Smart Workout Assistant, Training Entertainer and Spine Trainer which makes iKazoo your personal fitness trainer.

Befriend all your devices.

iKazoo is capable of making itself familiar with all other smart devices in the house. Two inbuilt LEDs help it getting connected to all those gadgets that have a camera like smart phones or tablets. For other devices it has bidirectional Bluetooth transceiver enabling you to control your devices like TV. It can also act as your stylus pen to explore the artist within you. With features like Quick Draw Utility, Airbrush Simulator, Tap Pattern Creator and Sound to Picture Converter you can convert any of your touch devices into a painting canvas.

Become a dweller of OGACO Land

iKazoo has an open source platform. You can also peek into secret closet full of new gadgets coming up. Plus, “members only” website shows you tons of iKazoo features and applications.

Small Yet Powerful

iKazoo has a fully loaded hardware profile. Powered by Arduino Compatible Microcontroller, iKazoo in houses Piezo Membrane, Accelerometer/Gyro, Shock and Multi Touch Sensor and Mini USB Port. iKazoo is equipped with world’s best Bluetooth transceiver. Lithium Battery acting as a power house provides iKazoo long battery backup.

With OGACO’s efficient and friendly production techniques, iKazoo will prove to be a very cost effective device loaded with all features in the house. iKazoo being the only gadget of its type will still be friendly to your pocket making it an all rounder leaving no excuse for you not to buy it.

Article by Alice Kim

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