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Impaq 40 the mini stereo system

The Impaq 40 is the first full range stereo device – as a mini. It’s perfect for those who need a small speaker set with powerful sound for shelves, cabinets or sideboards.

Impaq 40

Impaq 40 features:

  • Mini HiFi stereo system
  • 80 watt AM/FM receiver with remote control
  • Integrated CD player
  • 6 inputs including USB for MP3 files
  • 2 powerful two-way shelf speakers with an elegant glossy finish
  • Recommended for spaces up to 25 sqm.

Impaq 40 img2

This stereo system offer a hi and clear sound and also you can put it into a tiny space.

Pricing and availability

The Impaq 40 stereo system price tag is £299.00 and it is available at Teufelaudio.co.uk.

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