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Increase your cell phone signal with the zBoost Cellphone Signal Extender


zBoost Cellphone Signal Extender will boost your phone signal. zBoost extends a Cell Zone (up to 2500 sq ft) AND protects the carrier network using patent-pending technology.
It works with Cingular, Verizon and Alltel cellular wireless phones in the frequency range of 824 – 894 MHz.

zBoost Cellphone Signal Extender Technical Specs:
Frequency: 824 – 894 MHz (Cellular)
Total Signal Gain: 57dB (adaptive)
Output Power: <0.5 Watt EiRP (w/ included antenna)
Unit weight: 1 lb.
Unit size: 5″ x 7″ x 2″
Power input: 100-120 VAC 60 Hz
Power output: 5VDC, 1.5A
Signal antenna cable: Outdoor rated 75 ohm DBS satellite coaxial cable, Type-F male
Base unit antenna: 50 ohm, TNC male

zBoost price is around $130 on Wi-exstore.com

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  1. Luckily we don’t have the need for something like that here in the UK. The signal was pretty bad 5 years ago but now it seems every single inch is covered

  2. Bidding Directory

    Very nice idea and very innovative, where I live not every inch is covered.

  3. Too bad this does not work with Sprint. I had to pay the service contract cancelization fee because Sprint is the only carrier that does not work at my house.

  4. Really nice n fabulous equipment!!!
    Signal problem hampers a lot of our important jobs…..
    I guess this will really help me out!!!

  5. Darn, this doesn’t work with 3G HSDPA/UMTS

  6. That’s great i will get one of those soon

  7. maybe it’s good when you wanna call from the basement…

  8. I have been facing weak signals around my apartment, will give it a shot.

  9. i’m pretty sure zboost now has a model for PCS phones now for all of you interested. so if you use like sprint for instance the pcs one will work for you.

  10. I am working in isolate place and I have problem with signals please tell me how I can pay to you for get it I am from Algeria
    contact me plz to my Email ok

  11. Good, but no UMTS or HSDPA =(

  12. actually the bidding directory is incorrect we have one of our homes in a fairly remote though not THAT remote location nr Lockerbie we have no BB connection and so have had to use the sat BB option hugely expensive by comparison to other options and the mobile phone signal is very weak I do wish we had something in the UK EXACTLY like this one

  13. enjoy this blog. Keep on posting, I will subscribe. What do you think of the new Nokia N97?

  14. This is great news to people like me having problems with network signal at my home area. I will pass this on to my neighbors too. Thanks alot

  15. can I use this on my cell phone: F305?
    for information, I live in Indonesia. Where I can buy it offline?

  16. Well, there is actually no issues with the provider’s signal, so this is not actually a must for me. But then, does this product really works and is it available worldwide?

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