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Instagram continues to grow with New Tagging System

Photo sharing app Instagram has recently launched its own form of tagging in a bid to improve its status as one of the top social media platforms.


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It’s been a good 12 months or so for Instagram, who were bought by Facebook for a reported $1 billion in April 2012.

Since then, they introduced a photo mapping function in August and surpassed 1 million active users in February this year.

Photos of You

Instagram’s new tagging system ‘Photos of You’ allows users to tag themselves or others and be tagged in their favourite images on the app.

The feature, which is similar to Facebook tagging, will be rolled out in full from May 16 and users are given a guide via the app of how to complete tags.

When you take a picture through Instagram and hit next you will be given an option box called ‘add people’. Hit this and select who you want to tag in the image. You can tag as many people in an image as you like but they must be a registered user. Nicknames will not work.

If you want to tag someone in a pic after you have shared it, hit the grey options box underneath the image to the right, go to ‘add people’ and carry out the same process as above. When you are trawling through images you can spot tags as there will be a small grey box with an outline of a person in the bottom left part of the image. Tap the image to reveal the tag.

There are also privacy settings to allow only your friends or a limited audience to see tags. You can update your tags automatically or manually and if you are tagged by someone else you will receive a notification in the ‘Photos of You’ section in the app.

‘Photos for You’ is only available through the latest version of the app (3.5) on iOS and Android so make sure you are up to speed.

If you see a tagged picture of yourself published that you aren’t proud of, you have the option to hide the tag or remove it under the ‘more options’ menu. However if after a few days the embarrassment has worn off, you have the option to re-show it.

Ease of Use

It really is very simple, which keeps in sync with Instagram in general. The entire platform is incredibly smooth and functions are clear to understand throughout.

The first time you use the tagging system, there is a detailed guide pointing you in the right direction and the tags themselves are small enough to be clearly visible without obscuring the images.

With the integration of ‘Photos of You’, Instagram is going from strength to strength with an array of functions including photo mapping, and social shares.

With Facebook’s backing and the Instagram Twitter feud a thing of the past, the photo sharing app continues to rise in the world of social media.

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