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Interim management

Toady I learned something new. It is called interim management. I want to develop Gadgets Club as a company but I don’t have the skills and expertise to do it yet. This is why interim management sounds good.

With interim management you can get a temporary help on the project you need.

This type of management is use to manage a period of transition, crisis or change. I think of using it for developing the site and getting help on the non tech stuff.

Interim management main benefits:

  • speed. You get a manager fast. Interim managers can start the job within days
  • expertise. The manager will bring the skills and knowledge, the experience and expertise to solve certain problems
  • objectivity. This type of  managers don’t know company politics or culture so they will provide a fresh perspective
  • accountability. The managers will take responsibility for managing the project
  • effectiveness. Having people specialized in solving specific problems will increase the effectiveness of the project
  • Commitment. Interim managers maintain high professional standards because they need you referrals to get new jobs.

Interim managers are very useful in periods of growth, change, or loss of key management. They bring experience and expertise into your organization and solve particular problems in a limited time. So if you have some temporary problems and you need a manager it will be cheaper and faster to get an interim manager rather than hiring one.

These managers are typically used in situations such as crisis management, sudden departure, illness, death, change management, managing change or transition, sabbaticals, MBOs and IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, and project management.

The counties where this form of management is very popular are: UK, Germany, and Belgium, and is spreading elsewhere, most notably in Australia, the US, France, and Ireland.

The advantage of using an interim manager and not a consultant is that the manager will solve your problems instead of just telling you how to do it.

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