Internet era

I just love this Internet era! A lot of people forgot how thing were before internet, but I do remember: getting information was really hard and time consuming.

If you’ve wanted to buy an used car you should went from dealer to dealer and collect offers. This meant to lose a lot of time.


The decision of selecting the offers was difficult because you had little information and no tools except your brain to compare the offers. Now with just a few mouse clicks you can compare several offers and read used car reviews to see what is the best option.

To avoid getting a lemon learn the things you must consider before buying an used car. The best article I’ve found about buying cars is the one written by J Gary Dean. The article is called Buying a Used Car? Sixteen Tips on How to Keep From Getting Ripped Off and you can access it from here. Gary Dean talks about the 16 tips and tricks you must learn before getting a car.

I want to buy a car and I don’t afford a new one (actually I would need to borrow the money for a new car and I don’t want that). So I constantly hunt for used cars offers using the internet. My budget allows me to get an Opel or a Renault. Because these are common cars in my country it won’t be hard finding one. And if I have a problem with a car such as a used Renault Megane it won’t be to difficult to locate a service with affordable prices.

So when you are on a budget and you want to buy a second hand car:

  • find real people reviews on forums and blogs
  • locate the dealers and compare vehicles
  • go for a car which is popular in your country because it is easy to find one and if you have problems after buying it you will find a service easily

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  1. Internet era has everything in past 15 years. We have to write letters and wait for weeks to be able to get reply before, now we can send and receive emails in eye blinking time. The best thing of internet ins VOIP.

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