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iPod Party Speaker

iPod Party Speaker

The iPod Party Speaker is the ultimate in mobile party systems. Made from heavy duty aluminium and sitting on a two wheeled base with a retractable handle, this 22W mobile speaker system will blast out your tunes wherever you are. As well as a mains cable it also has an internal re-chargeable battery that will give you a mighty twelve hours of play. You can plug in any iPod you care to mention, as well as other CD or MP3 players, musical instruments (with 6.3mm output jacks), and it comes with a jolly decent microphone, so you can DJ, croon along to your music, or just shout at people for no apparent reason. This awesome piece of kit lets you not only have a party wherever you like – anywhere in the house, the garden, the park, the street or the beach, but you can also have a mobile party, trundling it along the pavement and picking up party people as you go. It looks gorgeous and it powers out whatever sound you plug into it – brilliant.

You can have this for £149.00 -Approx USD $268.2 / €220.52

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  1. cool piece of kit. i may buy one for the kids!

  2. cool!! maybe I’ll buy a birthday present for my friend … thanks for sharing..

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