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iPod Video Goggles

Video iPods are the bee’s knees, the cat’s meow, and the aardvark’s pajamas. You can watch video podcasts, hit TV shows, and movies stored magically on that itty bitty little device. The one drawback with this medium is the size – the actual physical size of the screen is so small, you may find yourself holding the iPod right up against your nose to see anything.

iPod Video Goggles

Video goggles plug directly into your video iPod and project a virtual 24 inch TV directly in front of you! That’s right – plugged directly into your iPod – no extra cables, adapters, or bulky power-packs necessary. These goggles don’t even have batteries – they draw power directly from your iPod.

Don’t worry – they draw so little power, you probably won’t even notice it. A 5th gen 30 Gigabyte iPod Video can run more than 2 hours, while the 80 Gigabyte iPod Video can run more than 4!


Watch your favorite episode of The Office, catch up on Lost, or even watch Blade Runner for the upteen millionth time – whatever you want! Just please don’t wear them while driving or operating any other heavy machinery.

Standard Specifications

Display format: 320 x 240 , 24-bit color, 50–60 Hz frame rate

Optics: Dual color LCDs SolidOptex Optical System

Image size: Equivalent to 24 inch TV at approx. 2 m.

Video input: Auto sense and switch between NTSC and PAL

Operating temperature: 32 to 104ºF (0 to 40ºC)

Storage temperature: -4 to 140ºF (-20 to 60ºC)

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  1. This is actually really neat! I can’t see anyone using it in a public place (the train, bus, coffee shop etc…) but I bet people will. iPods have literally taken over; in a group of 10 people I’d say at least 5 have iPods or some form of them. I think the next step is for Apple to let them connect to the internet and to each other to exchange information. Regards!

  2. I was able to demo some Sony Glasstrons quite a while ago (7-8 years). There was a definite novelty, but they were a terrible strain on my eyes. I wonder how much the technology has improved?

  3. This could have more features that I haven’t come across. So I need to know more about the product in detail that is price and other features that had with.

  4. yes, I agree!, and I think I saw something about the next gen computer with the glasses as your monitor. I would probably go and get it when it first hits the market.

  5. Pretty cool gadgets. But this gadget cannot be used in public places. the features are good. but the gadget might strain the eyes, as they are too close to the eye, resulting in damage to the eye.


  6. This is neat item, and I am a big fan of the apple products. I’m sure that our future mobile laptop will be no bigger than the cell phone with blue tooth wireless cool frames to put on and watch the videos.
    You can put them on at work,while you’re taking a short break from remodeling your home.

  7. Great googles,this shows how the technology has rose from nothing to such extent. But this googels will defensibility help me alot.

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