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IT Gadgets Encourage Children to Read

We are in the digital age and it is no surprise that children born within this period are very much interested in digital devices. Many kids today read from tablet computers or E-readers. Either the one belonging to their parents or one bought for them. This is in spite of the belief held by many adults that today’s children find books or reading anything, but a sort of entertainment. Consequently, hope still remains for the technology-absorbed children of this age in finding true pleasure in reading.
In fact, a recent survey carried out among parents in the UK suggests that mobile devices such as E-readers as well as tablet computers encourage young people to read. According to the survey conducted by no other than the Reading Agency (a library development agency) just less than 250 people, which is half of the parents questioned said they believe electronic devices like iPads, Kindles and Sony Readers actually encourage their children in reading more.

Similarly, in the United States, the PBS enabled via a grant provided by the Department of Education conducted a study that revealed that making use of academic iPhone applications increased vocabulary acquisition in the child by as much as 31% just within a two-week period. And, although some might flinch at this thought; teaching children with a device like an iPad instead of the age-old paper and a pencil does provide many benefits over books.

So here are five iPad applications that can teach your child how to read and in some cases even encourage them to actually read.

ABC Pocket Phonics

ABC Pocket Phonics is an iPad/iPhone application that has been developed to teach kids more than 170 regularly used words. It does this by playing recordings of these letters. Now after playing each recording of any letter it then requests that the kid in question should identify this letter from a group of approximately eight letters. And, whenever a child chooses the right letter he/she is given a thumbs-up, moving on to the next letter that will be pronounced. Eventually, the child involved succeeds in building a word. ABC Pocket Phonics costs $2.99.

This application is free and allows one to download as well as read books. Now these books are from the iBookstore that offers both classics as well as contemporary bestsellers. And, there is at least a version of this application that is particularly wonderful for kids since it provides a read-aloud attribute in which the book is narrated to you.

The Monster at the End of This Book

In this application that costs $3.99, you will find Grover of Sesame Street narrating this book. He does so at the onset from the title and is immediately frightened about finding the monster the book title refers to. And, as progress is made reading this book, Grover presents obstacles to prevent you from turning to the next page. To overcome this challenge the children will need to tickle Grover or tap on the obstacle.
Reading for Kids: 100 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read

This is another free iPad application. It makes available 100 resources that parents can make use of in encouraging their kids to develop into life-long readers. As this plethora of resources describes interesting ways that will make reading something that is both exciting plus fun for young readers.


Grace is an application designed to help autistic children learn how to read. Even though it is pricier at $37.99 this application is one that comes with relevant images that helps in sentence building. Also, take note that the images and photos that come with this application are customizable.

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