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IT Guy? 5 Pieces Of Equipment You Can’t Live Without

You IT folks fulfill an important role. In filling this role, you may often be found working with wires, computers, software, and other office equipment. Your unique role offers unique challenges. However, it seems as though modern thinking has done quite well in filling the gaps, creating ingenious ways around such challenges. In this exact spirit of ingenuity, we take a look at five ingenious items that IT folks particularly relish having around.


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In IT work, there are often times when note-taking is necessary in documenting the step-by-step of an involved project. The Zipboard is a great product that affords the note-taker the ability to take freehand notes and also stay portable at the same time. The Zipboard is essentially a roll-up white board, intuitively designed for note-taking while on the move – perfect for IT.


Another IT must-have along the theme of note-taking is Microsoft OneNote. OneNote is an ideal program that allows touchscreen users to take notes, record media, and add documents all while building a personal collage of notes in real time. For IT workers, digital input from all tasks can be combined with notes, making for the ultimate personal resource for digital information and documentation.

WireMate Cord Organizer

The Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services article on cable and wire safety is just one of countless, official warnings on the shock, fire, and trip hazards offered by mismanaged cords and cables. From Americord power cables to ethernet and composite lines, IT workers are always entangled in cables. The answer to “cord spaghetti” – the WireMate. Of all of the supposed, cord-organizing products out there, this one’s ease of use, mounting options, and efficacy make it a must-have in so many areas around the IT workspace.

PerfectTemp Cordless Kettle

To stay fresh and at your best, some soothing refreshment always helps no matter what trade you work in. The problem with IT work is that intuitive beverage options are tough to find that are suitable for moving around in the office and electronic environment. The PerfectTemp Cordless Kettle is the perfect solution, giving the IT worker a cordless, securely contained, temperature-controlled, portable beverage solution.

USB Seat Cooler

Comfort and productivity are directly related. In fact, according Sheffield Hallam University’s Journal of Facilities Management discomfort in the workspace attributes to a distinct drop in productivity and quality of work. For IT workers stuck seated in a warm space for long periods, some degree of relief can be provided by the USB Seat Cooler. Its smart design helps to keep the worker cool and comfortable during some of the toughest and most heated assignments – an absolute must-have.

IT work can be quite rewarding, but there is no reason for anyone to struggle through the day. This is especially true if that struggle is due to controllable circumstances. For IT workers, these five, life-changing items are some of those you just don’t ever want to live without again.

By Kara Masterson

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