JAH Mobile Apps Review

I recently tested the JAH Mobile Apps service.This platform allows users to create simple apps with just a few mouse clicks.


Image source jahmobileapps.com

The interface is intuitive and simple to use. In 10 minutes I created a simple app with  links to my blog, website and contact page.

You can see the app here.

JAH Mobile Apps works pretty simple: once you have an account set up you can login and create apps. You have a list with things you can add to the app like : blog, contact, Facebook, links, menu and so on.

The user chose the feature he/she want to add to the app and just fill a short form, for example if you use the blog feature you must add the blog URL and chose the type of service the blog is built on.

JAH Mobile Apps review

The possibilities are not endless with this tool but it is simple to use and if you want to build you own app you can try their solution because it comes with a 14 day risk-free trial.

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