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Karaoke Groove Station

Karaoke Groove Station

This ingenious multi-function plug ‘n’ play Karaoke system makes becoming a pop star a breeze. Simply plug the mic into your telly, and the lyrics to your chosen song will appear on your screen, with the music blasting from your TV speakers. The Mic is quite simply brilliant, you can control everything from it. You can change the tempo of your song, an on-key button will correct your pitch (if heaven forbid you’re a tad off key), a sex change button enables you to squeak like a Bee Gee or bellow like Barry White, and a Spatial Effect mode will make you sound like your singing at Wembley. The Harmony button automatically transforms your voice into a perfect 3 part harmony, and Doubling will give you an instant duet by taking a copy of your voice which can be changed to a different gender! Never has Karaoke been so easy and so much fun. There’s also a Scoring feature which is awesome if your having a sing-a-long with friends – as you sing a swivelling thumbs up/thumbs down symbol appears on the screen, the more accurate your singing, the higher the score, making it great for competition Karaoke, if there is such a thing.

All you need is a telly, 4 AA batteries and a go-for-it attitude to have more fun than you believed possible with a microphone in your hand. Croon to your hearts content with the ten free songs that come with the kit, and just when your neighbours have finally had enough, there are four additional song cartridges to torture them into a rage that is only usually associated with boundary disputes.

You can have this for £49.96 – Approx USD $89.93 / €73.94

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