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Land Rover wallpapers

If you are a Land Rover fan you can improve your desktop look by using some great looking wallpapers and screen savers.

  • Land Rover Range Rover Wallpaper


  • Land Rover Discovery Wallpaper
  • Land Rover Ranger Stormer Wallpaper


  • Land Rover Freelander Wallpaper


All the Land Rover wallpapers and screensavers can be downloaded for free from Vcars site. Vcars offers free wallpapers to make their Used Cars site known. For example someone who wants to buy a used Rover want to have a wallpaper with that car and gets to Vcar website for a free download, but there he/she sees a great Used Land Rover offer and decide to buy it.

To make your computer look great when you are not using it download the free Rover screensaver.


Enjoy you free downloads.

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  1. Just added it to my del.cio.us tag “wallpaper”.
    Thank you,

    Best Regards, Riccardo Giuntoli

  2. i am Land Rover fan ,
    very good Wallpapers
    thank you very much, I am very pleased

  3. Thanks for del.cio.us tag Riccardo Giuntoli.

    I’m glad you like the wallpapers Biturls. I liek the also.

  4. Warhammer Online

    Cool, will use the Freelander one 🙂 .

  5. I like all Rover wallpapers to download on the computer i like them a lot. I also download them from another site wallpapers downloads it is another great wallpaper site !

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