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Learn How to Make Your Man Cave a Technological Paradise

The concept of a man cave started simply enough. It was a family room or game room, but over the years it has become so much more. Everyone is familiar with the typical hunting trophy and beer sign man cave decor, but today’s man cave goes beyond these rustic charmers and into high-tech paradises.

Learn How to Make Your Man Cave a Technological Paradise

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Game System

Vintage stand-alone machines make great conversation pieces, but a Wii, Xbox or PlayStation will give you a lot more gaming variety. You could always get by with just moving your current system from the living room to your quiet new man cave away from the rest of the family. If you do opt for a new game system, make sure you get the most current model. Game systems come out so quickly and the previous generation games disappear from stores before you know it.


The hub of the man cave is a high-quality, well-placed television. Measure the distance from your seating area before you decide what size television you need for your man cave. The larger your space, the bigger the television you will want. A few years ago, the choices might have stopped with brand and size, but today’s high-tech man cave needs a smart TV for internet browsing and streaming content. Start with the 48 inch Samsung Smart Signage television (available at a discount with coupon codes for Overstock.com) and look up from there.

Sound System

Wireless sound systems are the coming thing. While they don’t eliminate all wires, they do make speakers easier to install. Eliminating the need to hide trailing wires is a bonus. Look for systems that allow you to use your phone as a media source for a clutter-free movie and music library.

Dedicated Router

Your smart TV, game system, and wireless sound system can all benefit from the added bandwidth of a dedicated router. It may not be the most interesting addition to your man-cave, but it is the backbone of the whole system. Look for the highest transfer rate that you can get for smooth video and audio streaming. Some wireless routers come with a USB connection for a portable hard drive, which would give you more space for digital music and video content.

You Have an App for That

There really are apps for everything. Not only can you control your sound system and television with a phone app, home automation software allows you to take control of your blinds, lights and door locks.

A few staple electronics can elevate your man cave to a haven of technological fun. Pair a smart TV with a game system and wireless sound system then tie them all together with a dedicated router. Ditch your remote and control your entire environment with your phone instead. These all work together to bring your man cave into the modern, technological world.

By Anica Oaks

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