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Learn Why Candy Crush Saga is such a popular game

I’m honest when I say that even when I love games, I’m not a huge fan of playing those Facebook games that appear as requests from friends, I find them to be a distraction and since I have tight schedules I prefer to stay away from those; on the other hand my girlfriend, Erika, enjoys playing with each game that her friends suggest her, and the game that she has been playing for over three weeks now is called Candy Crush Saga, which is a puzzle game where you can see your Facebook friends’ scores and send them help if they need it.


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A week ago Erika asked me to start playing in order to help her if she needed it, so I did, and after a week I’m totally addicted to this game. I thought it would be a great idea to share with you my opinion about why this game is so much fun. Candy Crush Saga is a very complete game full of challenging and entertaining levels; it can be played using Facebook or an iOS device.

The app is very well designed, the graphics, music, and special effects are fantastic, and all of these combined deliver an awesome gaming experience to the user. The game is developed by King, a passionate company for offering fun and entertainment to as many people as possible.

King has been developing games since 2003, and so far Candy Crush Saga is the top game on Facebook, they have over 110 million players around the world and more than 12 billion games played. With this information you can now know why Candy Crush Saga is so well designed, these guys are fun experts. The objective of the game is to crush candies forming rows of three or more, the more candies destroyed the more points earned, but in order to pass to the next level the right candies must be crushed and this means that a strategy must be implemented in order to be successful.

As you navigate the 100+ challenging levels of the game, the difficulty is increased as well as the gaming experience. If a level is failed a life is spent, and after you run out of lives it is time either to buy them with a credit card or ask for them to your Facebook friends, so be good and send lives whenever you are asked for more.

What are the Candy Crush Saga main components?

There are a lot of details and features that help this game to be very popular, but some of the main ones that are easily detectable (even for a person like me) are the following:

  • Graphics: It is obvious that the graphics of this game are high quality, as I described before, the game was developed by experienced professionals who not only know how to do this but also love creating games like this. Candy Crush Saga has as well special effects that appear each time a booster is used or a powerful move is made. The game constantly encourages you to keep going by giving you a hint for the next move.
  • Music: One of the things that I love is the music of the game, it is very relaxing and it helps to create an excellent gaming experience. I think that the music plays a key role since it lets you think clearly for you to be able to give your best shot.
  • Entertaining: One thing that I did not understand at the beginning is that this game has no timer, which means that you can pick the next move without a hurry. This is one of the main reasons for this game to be so addictive; because it actually lets you enjoy the game and learn how to play it. This makes possible to spend hours playing with this app.
  • Challenging: It is true that there is no timer, but that does not mean that there is no challenge. The main obstacle is that there are a limited number of moves available for each level, which means that once you run out of movements the game is over. Each level will bring a reasonable amount of moves to finish it, but at the same time some obstacles will appear in order to make the candy crush something hard to do. It is important to mention that you only have five lives, and after you run out of lives it is time to be social.
  • Social: This game is perfectly blended with Facebook and it allows you to see at what level your friends are, as you run out of lives you’ll be sending requests to your friends for help, they will send request to you as well and thus the whole social circle will be growing.
  • Addictive: With all the previous features it is almost impossible not becoming a fan of this game, I know about other people that like me started playing just once and now they can’t let it go. The one thing that particularly keeps me trying over and over again is the fact that I can study my moves and think what I’ll do, this way I’m very interested and I keep playing.
  • All these features and more are the ones that compound this great game, the whole app is designed to be very user friendly and since it really is a lot of fun, more and more people are playing this game every day.

    Today is a great day to Candy Crush

    After reading this post my recommendation is to try Candy Crush Saga, this fantastic game is a lot of fun and entertainment; I’ve been saying this all over the post but it is good to remind you that it is pretty addictive, and if you don’t believe me I encourage you to try it and decide for yourself. Are you playing Candy Crush Saga already? Why do you think this game is so popular? Are you out of lives and need help? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment. Have fun! 

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