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Lemurlock – The First One-Piece Cable Lock/Bike Lights

Stolen bike lights suck. At best, they mean you have to buy what you already bought…again. At worst, it can mean riding home in a dangerous situation. Meet Lemurlock: the first one-piece cable lock/bike lights that keep your lights just as safe as your bike.


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Lemurlock also takes the place of your current cable lock, so you’re not only locking your lights–you’re also locking your bike with the same satisfying click. Here’s how it works: while riding, both lights clip into a mounting bracket on the handlebars and seat post (not enough seat post real estate? We’ve got you covered with a seat rail workaround). So while you’re lighting up the night, the cable lock simply coils along the top tube of your bike. When it’s time to lock up, simply remove one of the lights from its respective mounting bracket, loop the opposite end of the cable through some structure, and click the locking button to close the loop–locked bike and locked lights!



By Todd Holbrook


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