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The Lifetimer clock lets you keep track of the important things in life in a wonderfully novel way. The clock face is surrounded by a collection of buttons relating to different aspects of your life, such as your next holiday, your next tea break, your birthday, the time you knock off from work, even the last time you had rumpy pumpy. Simply pressing any of these buttons will give you the number of hours, minutes and seconds you’ve got left (or that have passed in the case of some) till the event happens. Press, and it’s only seven minutes and twenty seconds to your coffee break; press, and you’ve been in your current relationship for two years, three months, six days, ten hours, four minutes and twelve seconds, etc etc. It’s a brilliant idea and great fun – in fact it’s amazing quite how much time you can waste simply pressing the buttons to see how much time you’re wasting. Watch the seconds left till you can go home from work tick away (backwards of course), or the days since you last made like a rabbit add depressingly up.

The Lifetimer – possibly the most interesting and interactive clock ever invented.

You can have this for £14.95 – Approx USD $26.91 / €22.13

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