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LRT-801 tracker

LRT-801 tracker by Wearaboutz is a Personal GPS Location Reporting Tracking Devices (LRT). The LRT-801 tracker is a revolutionary remote positioning device with built-in GPS and GSM technology in the smallest, lightest and most compact size to date.


With the LRT-801 gadget you can:

  • Monitor children and family members to protect and keep them safe
  • Feel secure whilst travelling alone, backpacking or trekking
  • Keep track on your pets. With this tracker you’ll always know where your favorite pet is
  • Carry it during sports adventures and log your journey and synchronised photographs
  • Raise an SOS alarm with your exact location in the event of an emergency
  • Keep track of your vehicles without the need to hard wire a GPS device

Pet Tracking

Losing your pet can be a tragedy. Wearaboutz™ tracker will prevent your beloved pets from getting lost or straying ever again. And will even allow you to see exactly where they have been and track their individual journeys day or night.

The LRT-801 is best suited for dog breeds approx 8 Kgs or over. (Smaller versions of the Pet-wearaboutz will be launched later this year).

Child Tracking

Using the tracker your chid will be safe and you will know where he/she was.

Once your child carries their wearaboutz™ you can be safe in the knowledge that you will always know exactly where they are at any given time, day or night without the need to constantly keep texting or calling, giving them the independence they yearn and the freedom to grow.

The LRT-801 can easily be inserted into a jacket pocket, backpack, school bag, placed in a buggy or worn as a fashion statement around the arm.


The LRT-801 is an extremely accurate, reliable and affordable locating solution.

For more ways to use the LRT-801 see the image below.


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