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Magic Rope Wine Rack Bottle Holder Review

I like to test simple and effective gadgets. The latest product I tested was the Magic Rope Wine Rack Bottle Holder.

It is called magic because it creates an illusion: the bottle appear to be floating. I fact it is a good looking bottle holder which will definitely attract attention.

Magic rope wine rack bottle holder

Magic rope wine rack bottle holder features:

  • innovative design with magic curving rope
  • perfect balance, securely holding one bottle of wine
  • suitable for most of wine bottles
  • fitted weight: Max. 5000g / 176oz
  • diameter of rope: 0.7cm / 0.28in
  • internal diameter of loop: 3cm / 1.18in
  • weight: 173g / 6.11oz
  • size: 36 * 12 * 16cm / 14.2 * 4.7 * 6.3in

Magic rope wine rack bottle holder review

The best feature of this product is the design. It looks really cool and because it creates an optical illusion of a floating bottle whenever you have visitors they will be attracted by this gadget.

It is extremely simple to use because all you have to do is place a wine bottle into the loop and that’s it; you are done.

In conclusion: a simple, cool looking gadget. Nothing complicated; just insert a bottle thru the loop and it will appear to float.

Pricing and availability

The Magic Rope Wine Rack Bottle Holder price tag is $7.76 and you can get one from Tomtop.com.

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