Make Mobile Work For Your Retail Shop With These Powerful Hints

The mobile platform has become more important in the world of internet retail more than ever before. an astounding number of users are accessing e-stores through their smartphones and tablets which mean that retailers need to have their sites and marketing strategies optimized for this platform. Here are a few points and tweaks that can help you make a mark on the mobile retail scene.


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Make mobile work for your retail shop with these powerful hintsMake mobile work for your retail shop with these powerful hints

1. Optimize for mobile search results

The basic difference between optimizing your retail for the desktop with access to the world wide web and optimizing it for mobile platform is that most mobile users search for local stores and items. More than 81 percent of all smartphone users actually search for local info and around 70 percent of them seek this information with the intention of actually spending their money soon. For a local business, this really is a golden opportunity. By optimizing search results for mobile, local stores can show up more prominently for customers looking for deals close to them. thanks to Google’s latest updates, search engine optimized local business pages will show up more prominently in search results for local customers.

2. Advertize on mobile

paid advertising for the mobile platform can be done through two main ways- paying for a prominent place in search results that gets you in the top half of the search page or through mobile ads. Of these, mobile advertising would be a bit tricky since a lot of people opt to have DNDs (Do Not Disturb) services activated on their network which prevents unsolicited text messages from lading in inboxes. A good way to ensure that your texts and promotions reach the right kind of customers is to have people register for mobile ads through your brand’s social media page or through promotional or in-store registration.

Mobile registration through social is great at spreading your campaign to people that may or may not convert into sales. In-store registration allows first time in-store/e-store customers or visitors to receive updates and texts about special offers, sales etc. Since most people registering willingly are interested in your products already, they’d be more likely to spend money. Promotional registration is a lot more aggressive and requires you to pay someone to pass out flyers in places like malls and get people to register for mobile ads and updates. It is a lot more traditional though it is still is effective at getting people to visit your store or site.

2. Make your content mobile ready

Once you have done enough to grab eyeballs, it is important to ensure that customers visiting your site through a mobile device don’t have any problem navigating through your site. The best place to place promotions is around the top of the home page. if you are sending out mobile or social ads with information about a specific promotion or sale, ensure that it links to the page for that particular product and not your homepage.

3. Use incentives for social connectivity

Most internet savvy mobile device users are likely to have an active social media presence. This is where options like “like our page to avail discount code”, “share post for free shipping”, “walk into store at lunch hour on (date) for limited offers” can be great at getting people within your vicinity to actually visit your retail outlet. Since most prominent social networks have already optimized their content for mobile platforms, customers accessing their social media accounts through mobile devices are more likely to lay their eyes on such a promotion on the go, and if they happen to be walking through or past your store’s location, they might be tempted to pay a visit and check out the offers.

4. Promote smartphone usage in-store

Smartphones have made customers smarter too. Today we have customers checking out an item in-store and comparing its price to the offers on other stores. Of course you can always use this mobile addiction to your advantage as well. get your store ready with smartphone compatible technologies like QR codes and NFC enabled stickers to make it more appealing to smartphone wielding customers. alternatively, you can also offer promotions like “scan code for discount” etc. to prompt customers to take action and make a purchase.

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