Maximizing your PC Security

This is the era of computer and technology; it is not possible for anyone to undermine the technical prowess and capabilities that computer processing has given us. In little over half a century, we have grown to rely heavily on computers to manage and control even the most mundane of everyday tasks; such as keeping record of something. Nowadays, the personal computer has become a key item in all households and offices, thus PC security is of the utmost concern in order to preserve data and files.


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Why secure a PC against external threats?

The personal computer contains all manner of important files and data that may be regarding corporate business or even personal information. Hackers and criminal elements in the computer industry profess to create uninvited breaches in system files through the propagation of a Virus. Such viruses can destroy system files and infect other programs to render them useless. Thus it is very important to have a certain program that guarantees PC security against such malicious software. There are many ways in which a computer can be protected from these malicious files; the most common method is by using an Antivirus. Antivirus software is written for the specific task of virus determination and subsequent cleaning or removal of any infected files before they can do any more harm. There are many ways in which antivirus works to eliminate virus from your system, the conventional methods that are being used in this regard are as follows:

· Signature Based Detection: in this method the software programmer enlists a number of existing virus signatures in the antivirus database. In this way, the antivirus can inspect files and compare them with the existing models to determine what kind of virus is present there to compromise your PC security.

· Real Time Protection: real time protection works on the principle of providing continuous protection against malicious programs while you work, this is quite a heavy task and thus takes much of your computer’s virtual memory. But it is helpful in the sense that any PC security breaches are reported immediately so you can take an action against the virus before it can infect any other files on the system.

· Heuristics: this is another aspect of modern antivirus systems in which the antivirus examines affected files for trace of any virus mutations. Usually when a virus latches itself to a file, it creates multiple variations of itself that will then go on to tamper with additional files and compromise your PC security. But these variants can never be satisfactorily traced back to the parent virus; this is where the heuristics approach comes in.

Additional methods:

Apart from the more mainstream method of utilizing antivirus software, there are a number of other methods that may be employed to improve PC security. An emerging trend for protecting home PCs is using a network firewall, while this does not clean or show any virus that may already be present in your computer, this lets you know of any malicious stuff online before you download it.

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Gloria Philips is a guest blogger and content writer. She loves to write about Internet security and PC security topics. She recommends to install and test internet security 2013 for your PC security as well as safe internet surfing.

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